Mang Domeng
"I'am an audiophile and I plug my amp/DAC in the lightning port. I am not affected of what you are blabbering about of loosing the headphone jack. It shows that you are one of those ordinary consumers who cry out when they can't get what they want and can't move on. Grow up buddy! Things are changing and for your information there are lots of better headphones that you don't even heard of yet because all the best for you is beats and bose. Those headphones I know are already jumping in the lightning plug and they are putting the DACs in the cable of their headphones for a more cleaner audio signal. If you are gonna make fun of the free stereo jack to lightning dongle that you get free in an iPhone 7, fiio is releasing the same device that has also a built-in DAC in it. If you don't know what DACs are - those are digital to analogue converters. Why are they used? It converts the digital signal of your audio file to analogue signal for your headphones. Why we still use DACs when there are DACs already installed in the device? It is because inside all devices there are EMIs (Electro Magnetic Interference) happening which cause hissing noise to your sound. So bringing out the DAC outside the device and shielding it with aluminum casing eliminated EMI. So if you are still happy with your cheap stereo plug earphones and doesn't care in listening to real music should sound, better stick your stereo plug in your ass and listen to your fart!"
"I would totally buy the pods but not in white. Why would Apple not make them in Black. They would blend in more in black then being a eye sore in white. It was no brainer. I guess as we all know Apple they needed to save black for next iteration of Air Pods next year. One thing for sure, since Apple made Bluetooth headsets called Air Pods , a lot more people will buy these. Cause when Apple does something the whole world pays attention. "
"Haha looks like they like the idea after all no headphones jack take that suckers of talking about how bad it is without it haha. "
Confused reader
"I'm trying so hard to understand your point..."
"Are you like serious ?!? Can you stop littering every single article with the same one-line garbage comment you obsessed little troll ? ? ?"
"Are you like serious?!? Can you stop littering every single article with the same one-line garbage comment you obsessed little troll???"
"Locally someone's house burned down after their Samsung caught fire. That's a serious matter!"
"A glass casing is a terrible idea. That will just make the phone more easily broken. Aluminum please!!"
Ching Cheung
"If you dont believe me try to use those things without turning bluetooth on, or turn bluetooth off while you are using it"
Ching Cheung
"For those apple that do not understand what airpods is, it is just a bluetooth earphones, airdrop is just bluetooth, apple pencil is a stylus and so on...they called it their own ways, so to make you think they have invented new technology Lolzzz"
Ching Cheung
"Wtf apple are you nut??? Samsung had this curved oled display years ago. I wonder if you still mention "revolutionary" on stage next year. How am i going to show my iphone to my friends next year? With this curved oled display which my friends already used many years ago"
"Lo Lololol. The case of the exploding Samsung. Hahaha"
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