"Hahahah $649 for that piece of crap? "
"Please Let's just do apple "
"You comment because you are obsessed with my posts and garbage"
The Truth
"Looks like iPhone 8. With virtual home button. Beat Apple to the punch. "
Rain man
"Sweet ! Can't wait ! "
"So does that mean it will have stock Android? For the first time ever?"
"isheep this is what apple called revolutionary; Airdrop - bluetooth Apple pencil - stylus Ipad - tablet Iphone - phone And the list can go on.... Without Google apps on app store my iphone 7 will just be another candy crush device. In return apple made only one app on Google Play, that app is to steal Android users"
"Oh god more of your garbage posts. Like I said you'll look at ANYTHING and always flat out say excuses that anything is garbage without any reason, logic, or explanation! OMFG dude!!!!"
"Typical isheep comments when they see other company makes better phones than apple. No one force you to buy their products. "
"Because this may be involved with Apple in terms of relatable technology."
Ban the Trolls
"They post them to bring in the trolls, views and for ad revenue. "
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