"If Apple release OS X for all people then gamers, game designer, graphics designers, 3D Artiat and custom build PC people all leave Windows completely. But apple holding OS X themselves to give the best companion of Harare and software to their customer. Only issue with Apple is they don't offer customising option for iMac with processor, graphics card, ram. I hope they will release this feature this year"
"There is no possible way so many big companies would be successful in his this country. The fact many would be most likely out of business considering the high tax rates, the extremely gross over cosy of the health care systems. The democratics feel it necessary to charge extremely large taxes to corporations. The fact large companies have to keep extremely large cash reserves to cover market down turn, poor business sales. The fact a company can have extremely $200 billion in reserves is testament to past failures. They are lambasted for making many products overseas, the fact remains many of the materials are only available overseas. They could make more products here however, in some case they will be less profitable. The fact remains the health care system cost so much because there are no price controls. Companies are charged billions in taxes that passed in the form of cost on the consumer. Many CEO"s make huge sums of money based on performance. The fact is charging upwords of 50% on corporations force them to go overseas , they simple can remain profitable and weather a market downturn. Lowering corporate tax rates will substantially increase production in the us. They could even incorporate the tax based on employees ."
"The thing they do every year has nothing to do with the particulars of the phone. Only that they always claim to be in short supply at if a company like Apple couldn't anticipate demand or keep up with manufacturing. That's the load of crap I'm talking about. Please don't reply. "
"Yea yea. The tax question is interesting . I wonder when the agreement was made if there was talk of eventually having to pay back taxes for the agreement. I would be interesting if they actually leave the country and fold up shop. "
"The what crap? We still have no idea what the phone will feature in order for you to claim it to be a marketing ploy to begin with!"
"I don't really care about the headphone jack since I hardly ever use it. And I'm sure they are going to supply either lightning earbuds or an adapter or at least it will be available in stores. I don't see it as a big deal. "
"The pull that crap every year. Anyone who fails to see through such an obvious marketing ploy would have to have been born yesterday. "
"October... :( way too far away"
"no physical home button? definitely not like apple.. "
"Shitty iphone ever made?!"
"I think this is the top of the apple (logo) check it"
Annis Joye
"Long awaited update from Prisma. Cool."
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