"Can you not afford one? Sucks"
"Still it's garbage"
"do it this year, quit taking forever to do things, and quit being last to do things!! ...stupid apple. the only thing you were first at, was the smartphone."
Floria Alex
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Steven G
"Wow somebody is sure getting desperate. :-) I will continue to enjoy my new shiny Galaxy s8 along with my iPhone 6S which still runs like a horse. :-)"
"I didn't get the one with the cat pictures..."
"Nobody is forcing you to buy anything. There is nothing 'greedy' at all about offering a product that people want."
"It's true iPhone is better, but these ads are not good. "
Defector 101
"So the almighty Apple and iSheep are trying to target the android base? Lol Why? If you are far superior remain superior!? Everyone knows the landscape is shifting and Apple and all its blind sheep are scared. Hey but for $1000 you have a blood sugar monitor"
"So with a quarter of a trillion dollars of cash in the bank this company is so greedy that it just wants more and more from the consumer. This is how the customer is rewarded. Unbelievable!"
Apple fan boi
"How lower can you go apple? This is so cheap tactic to make people switch to buy your phones"
sarah puma honorio
"These were great for its time; expensive but worth it… ruggeds were rare back then: by the way! Have you seen the agm line ? They remember me this one: but since they are way cheaper the first time that my agm a8 fell down from my pocket i almost got a heartatack … but it survived without a scratch :) and now i am looking for the way to got myself a x1 18k gold edition"
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