"Looking forward monitoring via Apple Watch not just user’s iPhone battery with the app like this: , but a gas-tank :)"
"Apple is one of the most admire company that make revolution. Support. "
"i have checked youtube for installation, this is hard to adjust setting without any tutorial Famous Tailors in Hong Kong"
"I use this ( ) on Mac and it works a treat to put my phone and iPad into (and out of) recovery mode. "
Posted November 20, 2007 at 7:34pm
"It doesen't work "
Shai Israel
"I would never want anything microsoft!"
Mang Domeng
"The design of the iMac is only to be an all-in-one, what you bought is what you get. If you want customizations why not get an entry level mac Pro? You can tinker the insides of how you want it. In Mac you get best of both worlds running windows via bootcamp for your games and mac OSX for the serious stuff without sacrificing hardware and software issues. I know not most of us are computer geniuses to setup a windows rig like the pros do. That is where the problem comes, if you setup a rig without knowing everything you always end up getting an error, crashes and slow-down. I know some Windows fanboys here say they know everything about their system but is not. Just people pretending to know everything. Be real guys!"
"Too far. Apple needs to step up their game. Technology is moving fast, and they aren't moving fast enough. "
"Who said anything about "no physical home button"?! There WILL be physical home button."
"It is nice to see iOS is finally jail broken. Joint Pain Relief Codes PDF"
Posted June 17, 2016 at 10:53am
"If you read the fine print, it says "standard rape rates apply, not sure what good our faster speeds are good for when we only include 2gb free data". "
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