Rashaad Sallie
"I use Adobe Media Encoder. Not sure if this is worth the investment."
Rashaad Sallie
"I like this update. Its much faster."
Rashaad Sallie
"Lets face it the Touch Bar is not really a WOW thing. The crowds claps were proof. The only thing they really clapped for was the DJ. People want better battery life, bigger hard drives, faster CPU and GPU, and possible detachable touch screen and of course professionals miss the 17-inch. Now we all have to go out and buy USB-C Hubs. The ONLY thing that is really nice for me is the ability to charge from any port. Apple is not innovating anymore. The whole presentation was about the touch bar. It should have been "Hello Touch Bar""
Rashaad Sallie
"I really dont think Touch ID is brilliant. Its a gimmick. How much faster do you really need to log into your Mac? It literally takes me 2 seconds to type in my password (8 characters with numbers and a sign). When shopping online you still have to browse products, add to cart, fill in the forms to register and its really just a few clicks to pay - i mean u will be like saving all of 1 minute. "
Paulo Henrique Capuzzo
"I have one macbook 2015 15" Force Touch Trackd is very good but I will buy new macbook 2018 more different and things"
Roger Angel
"Why did the remove the F keys? For a touch bar? Really?"
"Straight garbage. "
"Touch I.D.- brilliant. Touch bar- useful as they make it out to be. Long story short- less gimmicks than you think. So you buy external stuff for it. That's just adding stuff to an already perfect piece of a computer (like iPhone 7 with stereo speakers)."
"Its interesting that both the MS Surface Studio and this intro video using almost the same perspectives and visuals to show the product. In that probably MS copied Apple. But the shape of the current MBP is a bit too angular like current MS products. Id personally prefer a rounder MBP. And in this, i think Apple copied the MS Surface."
Hello Again
"I really like the fact that the screen is a tablet. I think its the way Apple should eventually go, so instead of carrying around an iPad Pro as well I could just take my Macbook Pro screen. If this ran macOS native then i'd really consider it. However the new USB C ports are becoming a standard so this needs abit upgrading."
Posted October 26, 2016 at 6:55pm
"Not impressed."
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