"Nintendo will be mad"
Posted February 21, 2017 at 11:11pm
Monica Lewinski
"Also they will removed the speaker you can only use the earphone. LOL!"
"I cant download beta 3 it didnt show beta 3 on my phone"
"Our country gets fat and so do our phones. Why does this look like a fat or should I say overweight iPhone? Is it obese? Is it a disease, I would hate to hurt the iPhone's feelings. Haha"
"So hyped for the high-end iPhone! Something tells me it will kick some ass."
"As much as I hate Walmart, I thank them right now for competition against Amazon. $25 min shipping in the old days was fine, but $50?!?"
Posted February 20, 2017 at 3:14am
"Yes, sometimes it is very important to download stuff on iphone. In such cases, Cydia tweaks likeSafari Downloader+ help a lot."
Rashid mehmood
"please increase the icloud storage also"
"The 5.8 display on the regular smaller iPhone frame would be awesome!!! Let's hope it's all true!!!"
"@vb : No; 10.2.0 is the highest version for now."
Posted October 14, 2015 at 4:35am
"@Pratik - I too had trouble with this but through trial and error I figured it out, and its pretty simple. 1: Delete (or move) the .p12 file on computer that was made in the cydia impactor folder. 2: Delete the Yalu app from iOS device. 3: Make sure your device is displayed and Drag the Yalu IPA into impactor just like the first time, give it your apple id login info & click okay to proceed past the revoke preexisting certificate warning and very shortly Yalu app will be on your device again. 4: Just like the first time you need to enable trusting your new certificate in settings > general > profiles. - Now you've got 7 days and 7 hours that it's good for again, unless you have an account that's an official paid account - then you've got longer =)"
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