"Apple innovation is gone they keep accuring these companies but no new innovation, RIP SJ"
"You don't know what you're talking about."
"If it is the same as the DIRECTV, I have it, and it is per line! Not shared."
"BTW You can add Kodi in the AppleTV 4, but ATV4 does not come close to NVIDIA Shield, it is by far the best media steaming box."
"Doesn't mean much that Apple lost some spots against cheap phones AND a nationalist government always open to corruption."
Mang Domeng
"Correction: Surface Pro stylus - 1024 pressure sensitivity, Apple and Wacom stylus - 2048 pressure sensitivity plus sensors for tilt and accurate pointing. "
Posted February 17, 2017 at 5:58pm
Mang Domeng
"It is not that expensive. The surface book highest spec is more expensive than the iPad pro and not all can afford it. If you work in design, you will notice that Adobe is more inclined to iOS and MacOS app development than Windows and Android. First releases of their apps are released in Apple. Touch PC UIs are not that well designed/not optimized, it is like pointing a needle to small icons in a 13" or 14" screen. Their touch screen UI is useable in 27" screens like in the surface studio. I will not pay for a half-baked surface book with a 1028 pressure sensitivity stylus. The apple pencil is more responsive with all the sensors built-in it to making it mimic what a pen or pencil does when you press on it or tilt it. If it run on Windows expect viruses too. Remember that anti-virus updates eat space too. "
Posted February 17, 2017 at 5:58pm
Captain Japan
"I am not surprised..."
Kirkley Dean
"Apple does things to slowly to compete in the Chinese market. "
"What is the difference between old unlimited and new unlimited? I already have grandfathered (unlimited). "
"So long Samsung, who knows... No longer just a fiasco companies usually manage to come out of, the spiral they seem to have entered going downwards doesn't stop. It's about being on the spotlight for great products, not amidst endless scandals."
"That is my problem too "
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