"It's certainly not a real physical button. It may provide the same functions as a real button but it isn't a real home button. There's nothing wrong with that. It's just not a real physical home button. "
"HELP Me: I have iphone 4s 7.1.2 Jailbreak (Power button broken) Now I want to update it to 8.0 or 8.1 but not 9.X.X (phone will be too slow) So as My power button is broken I can't enter DFU mode. I have following quesitons: 1. Which firmware i should download to make dfu ipsw? Is it 7.1.2 or 8.0/(8.1) 2. I tried the normal regular method of updating through itunes and getting error 3194! So if I use this dfu method will be able to bypass? 3. Lets assume my iphone is updated to 8.1 will be jailbroken or i have to jailbreak it later ?"
"Love your mom when she rides me."
"Public released jailbreak does no harm,cause people can choose to update as soon as patch is out.From another side all these "bounty programs" should be illegal due to potential breach of everyone's privacy in long term.Just saying.."
"Wasn't it Tim Cook who said during one of the Apple events that they will bring iPhone back to America? Lol"
"Really? How about the number Zero?? How about the algebra? How about the explanation of what happens to embryo? Search u idiot and u will see.."
"Actually it's not used privately. It's resold to highest bidders. Most likely government and law enforcement agencies. "
"End to End encryption is much needed one for security reasons. Now, i am able to use two whatsapp accounts on iphone without any issues. Encryption made to install multiple whatsapp accounts on my favorite iOS device."
"Thanks for providing awesome trick to make WhatsApp Video Call from lock screen. I am very impressed with the the trick to make WhatsApp video calling with latest updated whatsapp apk."
"It's called dealing with pests that plague these sites like a bedbug."
"Well the harder the material is, the more impact the fall makes. Glass continues to improve."
drigo marki
"I love my 9.3.3 iOS! ;-)"
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