"I'm going to get them to put in the fountain next month and tested and ready by November. It'll be good. "
Clinky Clink
"I think you meant to say punk unless you did mean that."
Clinky Clink
"Finally get to see what it's like in the dark and to me, it still looks fantastic!"
"What a bitchy and puny dude. Anyone notice in third video that a woman stops him from running away?"
Pug nuts
"People need to learn how to capture video."
"We have law in France, he s problem was easy to defend to win. Now he will be in trouble 5 minutes for internet glory could be very expensive for him"
"The sad thing in this situation is that security guards are not properly trained. Anyone, including the security guards, can legally make a citizens arrest/stop his actions during commission of the crime. Guy should have been on the ground as soon as the guards got there"
Clinky Clink
"Imagine that..."
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