Octavio G
"Yes , the speakers should be all the way back , don't really get it . "
Unbiased Tech
"Apple fanboys always think an idea is dumb until Apple uses it on their products. You guys might as well be robots."
"Every time the same 20 Mega on the paper and when you see the picture result looks like 10 Mega quality, all the demos in the video has made with Photoshop and no real!. I has the Sony Z for one onth, and I don't like it, it is a 1080 Full HD on the paper, but if you look to the display from a little bit side all the contarst is losing and you not see nothing!."
"Aww, someone is butt-hurt! Let it go man, he won."
"Can you unlock my iPhone 5 from AT&T?"
"Wow amazing!!! Yea apple did it again "
Onemanwireless official iPhone unlocking
"Here in the US we we still have the slow LTE, crazy costs and even our cable speeds are slow as hell (10 Mbps). Thank ATT and Verizon for that."
phillips conoco
"its aimed twords the person because only that person can listen to the shitty music they play"
Jack black
"How come they don't have a leaked front shot of the phone??? "
"I agree with you for the most part.. The only thing that I will disagree with you is that Apple has a long history of doing that.. Apple has a long history of being under fire because it is a billion dollar company and competition is trying to get ahead by any way they can.. Of course we don hear of workers that produce shoes or pens are being mis-treated - we only hear about the biggest names, mind you the working conditions in other factories are much worse.. As far as the footprint and the decisions we make when we buy those products - I think we are a little late - we all see how the climate has been affected.. As far as Apple is concerned - One of if not to say the greenest in its business - Apple is the only company in their industry that meets and exceeds the Guidelines of Energy Star specification. Manufacturing - In 2012 Apple conducted 393 audits 55 environmental audits in the supplier factories... Over 72% increase from the previous year.. CO2 emissions - Most of Apple products generate less than a 60 watt light bulb per hour of use.. Example 60 watt bulb generates 40gram CO2 per hour where the iPhone generates 1.1gr per hour, MacBook Air - 6 gram etc.. I can go on and on about this.. Smaller packaging, environmentally friendly materials, cleaner energy to name a few.. Their Data centre in North Carolina uses 60% of its renewable energy from the largest privately owned sollar array in US (built and owned by Apple).. So in conclusion I dont reallyy care what they post for Apple because unlike many other companies they are at least trying to make a difference.. "
"I want you too quickly Hive me some sugar "
"Hi When you went to Itunes did you do a restore back up or a system retore. It sounds like you did the wrong restore. Go back to Itunes and choose the restore back up."
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