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How to Unlock/Jailbreak Your 2.0 2G iPhone (Windows) [Updated]

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mudanzas sanchez y abeldani - 3 years ago
I'm not sure had this would workout. Are they compatible?
Keyword Finder - 4 years ago
I think it would work with 3G iDevices too. Not sure about 4G phones though.
Tom Ponders - 4 years ago
@everyone thats saying this wont work for 3.1.3, its cuz you need diff software, you can do it here http://www.kittyra1n.com/jailbreak-and-unlock-iphone-2g-3.1.3.html
Petar - 5 years ago
During restore give me \'The iPhone \"iPhone\" could not be restore. An unknown error occurred\' Can you help me pls
Burim - 5 years ago
hi, i want to unlock my iphone bucause i can only use emergency calls... i did all of the steps that were on this tutorial and when i use the ipwner my itunes gets shut down, i dont know if that is normal or not... after that i restart itunes, put my iphone on dfu and do the shift restore thing and it begins restoring, after like a minute it sais The iPhone cannot be restored because of an error 1600. pls help me i have the iphone for 5 days and still i cant use it
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