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Apple is Exploring a Switch From Intel Processors?

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shawn - 2 years ago
Apple have had prototype Macbook Airs for over two years. Apple never had AMD prototypes since AMD cant deliver the amount of chips that Apple needs. Look at the performance of A6: per mhz its on pair with the fastest Intel. People also don't understand how computing work. Look at Android Vs iOS. iOS devices with 50% less raw horsepower often outperforms Android. Why? Optimisation and acceleration. WinTel/Android both use the "brute force" approach. Since MSFT/Goolge don't control the hardware they cant optimise the code. Apple (and other companies) that control both hardware and software can optimise its code. GPU/SIMD acceleration will always perform better then MHZ. The problem is the uneducated masses that believe that 1ghz Tegra2 is faster then 800mhz A4. They just look at the mhz. Apple will move to ARM within 5 years. There is no reason anymore to use X86. Since 2006 Intel have doubled its speed. Since 2007 ARM have made its chip 17 times faster. Last year Intel lost almost 25% market share to ARM. X86 have never been the fastest or best CPU. It have been good enough. SPARC for example was 64 bit in 1995. And that is REAL 64bit. Not extensions as Intel uses.
Informatic - 2 years ago
The post above is complete bullshit, A6 better than Intel Processors? Even bullshit would be offended if i call this statement bullshit. The first ARM based CPU to perform better than an Intel Processor was Exynos 5 (Cortex-A15) and it was better than an ATOM Processor (Atom Z2760). Do you really understand the difference between RISC (ARM) and CISC (Intel, AMD) cpus? Because if you really did you wouldn't even dare make such a comparison. At last, just so u learn something, ever heard of Itanium? "http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/IA64"
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