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Apple Says Galaxy Note 10.1 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Infringe Its Patents

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Kentwang - 2 years ago
Got my 4s in Dec last year for $199 Lucky me got qualify for upgrade in 10 months for iphone 5 at $199 again. Sold my iphone 4s at $360 for a 10 months old phone. Any other phone would give you more than half price of the full value? Only iphone get good resell value.
someguy69 - 2 years ago
It's because apple fanboys are dumb. Why would you pay that much for old tech? That's how apple is making their shareholders happy by taking advantage of dumb apple fanboys. They sell you stuff that is 2 yrs behind in tech at ridiculous prices. Check out the lightning connector for example. It's just a money making deal for them. It's basically a USB 2.0 cable but they are acting like it's some new tech...and charging you $30 for it...lol. I love apple.
think - 2 years ago
You are so wrong about your expenses. The plan your on to have such a wonderful deal on the iPhone more expensive. I have calculated it a week ago trying to get an iPhone. I found out that with my 2 year plan verses your iPhone 2 year plan. You are paying a grand total of $600 more in the next 2 year's for each phone you buy. my bill for 4 ppl in my family with unlimited 4g and texting plus 1000 shared minutes is exactly $99 a month... Sorry bro. You got ripped off.
Kentwang - 2 years ago
On any smart phone you have to pay for ata anyway.
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