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Microsoft Office for iOS Gets Detailed [Images]

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odedo1 - 2 years ago
I already got office on both my iPhone and my iPad, infect I pretty much turn my devices into laptops when I feel like which gives me one Tera byte of memory using 2 Apps one is Orb Live which is more for multimedia I can watch movies, my cable TV live and listen to all my music and much much more from all over the world. The second App that I use is Splashtop which let me use window just like if the PC was in front of me but instead of using a mouse it turns my Pc to touch screen on my iPhone and my iPad and this App also works from all over the world also both Apps let me wake up my PC log in or out and because I got Splashtop and Splashtop HD before they started to use their own servers I don't have to pay a yearly fee which I think is not much and worth it! I also found that Apple Pages App is a great word processor for both iPhone and iPad and it's $5.
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