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AT&T Offers $100 Off Tablet Purchase With 2 Year Contract

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ONEMANWIRELESS.com - Cheap iPhone unlocks - 2 years ago
Yes, they will discount it $100 and them you'll end up pay them $800+ back over the course of 2 years. Just turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hot spot and never pay these crazy data fees for your tablet! Gotta outsmart AT&T!
fackyo - 2 years ago
People don't see it that way.If iam happy with the service and my device like an Iphone4S jailbroken N unlocked. I dont care how much I would pay over 12 months. If you live your live this way you will never own anything..Plus its called pessimistic ..and cheap ass mutha fucka Live your life dude ..you only live once..unless you have no job!!
Mr.D - 2 years ago
There are better and smarter ways to spend money than just throwing it at the greedy wireless carriers. You may enjoy your tablet with their service but will never be able to afford anything else if you keep wasting your money on stupid and unnecessary shit just to "live you life like there is no tomorrow". Good luck with that.
Mr.D - 2 years ago
He is probably just one on the ATT sales people trying to push their BS service on customers.
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