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AT&T Offers $100 Off Tablet Purchase With 2 Year Contract

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Detour - 2 years ago
Lets see.. $15 for 250mb is way too small that u can overuse in couple hours with tablet usages. Then $30 is kinda(or alot) expensive for just a tablet($720 for 2 years). Does $10 with mobile share sounds good? But if you dont know what mobile share plan is, it lets you tethering with your smartphone. Which means you are paying $10($240 total) just for nothing. I mean yeah u think turning on hotspot or have it tethered whole time is too much hassle, then you can throw that money. But I rather use that to upgrade capacity, accessories, rent a server, overpricing gas, or even donate for damages from sandy. ATT is same greedy ass company as apple. They started out mobile share plan becuz they dont make enough money out of iphones now. Advertising it as saving money or something but the truth is opposite. I have 3 lines with ATT. 3000 rollover minutes saved up, all lines have 3gb data each and we pay $50 less than what they offer with mobile share plan(same data). I hope they burn with ashes
Rob D. - 2 years ago
Shared data doesn't mean you're paying $10 to tether. The $10 powers another cellular device (iPad with LTE for instance) and let's it pull from the same bucket of data that your phone uses. Nobody says you have to purchase Apple devices. Why is it Apple's fault they are successful? No need to hate. Moving to the shared plan with my family has actually saved over $100. Don't hate what you don't understand.
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