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Former Apple Employee: 'I Think Tim Cook is a Lightweight'

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Brian - 2 years ago
There is no such thing as a perfect person to run the company, that's why you need a team to run the company. Yes, Tim might not be the same as Steve, but think about it this way. If Steve were to go his way of running the company without valuable advice from Tim, would Apple be better (and rich) than it is today? Similarly, I believe Tim knows he is not as innovative as Steve, so I hope that he trust the Engineers and designers with more creative freedom in coming up with what new toys. However, there's something that disturbs me, in that he's not a people person. I wonder if it's true, cuz the reason he sacked Scott Forstell is simply because he's backing Jony Ive and Bobs Mansfield, isn't it?
verao - 2 years ago
I have a feeling that the other reason he fired Forstall, is because he is the only other guy who could be Apple's CEO, as he was very close to Steve, besides besides being the heart and lungs of iOS and Mac OSX, i.e, the heart and lungs of Apple.
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