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Apple Ranked as World's Most Innovative Company [Study]

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T Hui - 2 years ago
They were the first ones to have a smartphone and tablet with a App Store, a store to purchase music and other media stuff in their mobile devices, and overall this type of smartphone and Tablet where it is the easiest to use UI. They also design the best looking devices. Sure, they first had a awful notification system where it was just pop up alerts and it disturbed whatever u were doing, but they admitted it was a bad system and they liked the android system so they used something similar. As for Maps, they had a agreement with Google to use their Maps
BrawlBro1 - 2 years ago
"They also design the best looking devices". Are you fucking joking? Did you not see the 4s and 5? The design is the same as the 4. How about the iPad 3 and 4? Same design again. Some fantastic innovation (I'm being sarcastic)! The 4x4/5x4 app layout is perfectly fine, but they could at least take the fucking time and make a better UI for each app. They already did that for the App Store and iTunes, but why leave out the rest? You know your post is proving my point that Apple has no innovation at all... Saying they admitted that they had a bad notification and then implementing a new notification means nothing. Why? It's not innovation if it has been done already. The only thing they did is copied the concept and designed their own style, which doesn't matter because it has been done already. Why are you bringing up the first phone and tablet by Apple? No shit it's innovation because ITS THE FIRST FUCKING PHONE/TABLET by Apple. We're taking about the present innovation, not the past innovation.
BrawlBro1 - 2 years ago
Apple is the richest company. They could have easily renewed their contract with google, but they decided to end it. They're not losing anything if they do. Did you know, they payed 21 million for a fucikng clock license? Why not use that money to keep YouTube and Google Maps?
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