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Nokia to Release Its Maps App for the iPhone

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Chris - 2 years ago
I still think Google maps (hopefully and once it is re-releases on the App Store) will dominate once again. I do like the apple maps app but I like the overall look of the street and labels in the interface much better since its easier to tell which street is which while zoomed out.
John - 2 years ago
Google maps on the iPhone was crap. It was also crippled by Google by not allowing anyone to use their API while on the iPhone. That's the reason it never had turn by turn nav. The only reason why people are crying its because its not there any longer. It's the same as when Apple acquire the developers of Siri and when they took the app away to pave the way for Siri integration in iOS people were outraged. All of the sudden every iPhone user was using that app for everything before Apple discontinued it. Apple's maps isn't as bad as people are crying it is. It isn't perfect but it is functional. Nokia maps will be a good addition for those looking for the features iOS 6 maps doesn't have. I have a Nokia Lumia 900 and an iPhone 5 and the maps on the Nokia is pretty good.
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