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Nokia to Release Its Maps App for the iPhone

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kamatis - 1 year ago
well, before we judge nokia, let's see the actual product first. remember, before samsung, motorola, LG, HTC, and lastly apple, there was Nokia! it might be a struggling company but it actually paved the way to the modernization of the mobile phone. hell, apple didn't even have copy-paste and MMS on the original iPhone!! Nokia had those features in the most dinosaur of their phones. Let's give them a chance. their map is actually decent, and they have a community mapping option too. although I had been giving much attention to waze now since I hate waiting for quarterly updates on maps that might not even include my area. The problem with community maps is that they are all scattered. There is one for OSM, Google, Waze, and now Nokia. Whycan't these freaking companies just share one community??? I wonder why they can't just use OSM data so we get a central database instead of multiple separate communities.
odedo1 - 1 year ago
you forgot to say that Apple had no push and I helped building Waze when they started and still a great App also igo is a great 3D gps map program but it's not cheap.
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