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Samsung Says It Has No Plans to Settle With Apple

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greg - 2 years ago
Would you just listen to each other. Your all say apple this, samsung that. They are as bed as one the the other. I have lost of apple products. But this year did not buy iPhone 5 or iPad mini. After Jobs os gone :-(. Apple really went to shit. They bring new products with not much changes. Like they say now we have panoramic future in iPhone 5. BULL SHIT. That future was all ready in iPhone 4s. Just not being turn on. Now maps. Worst think I ever got from apple. IOS 6 turn my iPhone 4s and iPad3 to shit. They just put a new products just to bring something new. And in the mean time make shit lot of money. Why would I buy iPad mini when the technology in that is not as good as iPad3. Just because it is smaller. Wort out of all of this is people are suckers and buy apple product. Because the are Apple.
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