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Apple to Open Retail Store in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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russelll - 1 year ago
Watch Apple screw the Brazilians.

Brazil has a high tariffs on goods built outside their country. A 16gb ipad2 costs $1,299, while in the US it's $399.

Now that Foxconn has factories in Brazil producing Apple products, tariffs will be eliminated.
Will Apple price their products to reflect this cost reduction or will they leave it as it is and enjoy obscene profits?

I bet they will go for the obscene profits.
Pontinha - 1 year ago
Fair prices? In Brazil? No way. The iPhone 4S have been produced by Foxconn in Brazil, but the prices have all but decreased.
russelll - 1 year ago
That just shows how Apple does not pass cost reductions to their customers.

The Brazilian people need to urge their government officials to investigate why the sales price of the iphone 4s (or any apple device that are now made in Brazil) are priced the same as the imported version.
Pontinha - 1 year ago
Brazilians are used to it and seem to be OK paying those prices, even knowing they'd be paying much less in any other country. The same happens in other industries as well. Cars in Brazil are the most expensive in the world, and some car makers haven't gone bankrupt yet thanks to the Brazilian market, where they can have above-100% profits on each card sold. Take the Honda Civic as an example. One can get it in the US for about US$ 17,000. In Brazil it would set one back at least US$ 30,000. And that's not taking into account the taxes that must be paid every year just for owning it, which can be anywhere between 1% and 6% (depending on the state its license plate is registered) of the car's current price. Apple is not going to lead a change to that scenario.
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