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FireCore on the State of the Apple TV 3 Jailbreak

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Dribble - 2 years ago
What exactly is the benefit of jailbreaking an Apple TV?
vixster - 2 years ago
can you say showtime?!
Dribble - 2 years ago
I'd rather say HBO Go.
lepaka - 2 years ago
the iOS is just the boot system, the Apps in it are simple CRAP. install XBMC and you will have A Brave New World alive in your living room :)
Noman - 2 years ago
Spot ON! AppleTV without JB is too limited - gotta AppleTV3 but still using AppleTV2 since its Jailbroken. JB-scene on iOS has gotten very very slow - im sure this is due the competing platforms. People got bored with iOS now they hacking Android and Windows Mobile... not blaiming them. 5years with this same OS is too long on mobile platform!
ambroze - 2 years ago
Research PLEX, the main reason I have my ATV2 JB.
DeronK - 2 years ago
I'm with you on this one. My iPad is jailbroken, and I have the tweak that allows me to stream anything to iPad (including the likes of HBO Go). So, I'm not sure what I would get.
tash - 2 years ago
I have a JB ATV2 and would like someone to direct me as to the process to install 3rd party items such as Showtimw and HBO Thanx
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