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Apple Lost 14% in Tablet Market Share Last Quarter [Report]

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Copperhead - 2 years ago
That's not surprising. Their damn devices are so expensive that people are finding alternatives devices. Apple seriously needs to lower their device prices. Not all people have Donald Trump's money you know. People are finding better devices with far better specs at a cheaper price point. I give Apple 5 years before they start to die out.
SuckIt - 2 years ago
Hey, smart ass, Apple products never been cheap and where its now compared to 2000? Specks??? Who da fuck needs those better spects if its lagging :D
arsalan22715904 - 2 years ago
you have a problem understanding what apple is about.Apple doesn't sell ugly , stripped-down , lazy products , its just not possible for them to do that.They have a specific market of people. if someone wants to buy an unoriginal, rip-off product from one of apple competitors because of a price tag, is welcome .but, someone who leaves money out of the equation , and is looking for an A-class product with the highest quality, can only go to apple.I'm sorry for you and people like you, because you have a limited mind, you don't look at all aspects of a topic.you make an unreliable ,biased decision.
Tarcisio Medeiros - 2 years ago
It's a shame if you think that only Apple Products are good enough. I want to know who would spend U$ 600 in a Samung Galaxy S3 and could not spend for a Iphone. or pay U$ 500 on a Samsung Galaxy tablet and could not spend for a Ipad. Iphone only have more market because he was the first OS that could grow up by his own, based on religious fans that are stuck with its products. But Android came to unify and create an OS powerfull enough to fight with Apple, and is doing very well. Now you can get a lot of devices as Motorola Razr Maxx HD, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X+/Droid DNA that are way better than the large version of Iphone 4S, Called Iphone 5... That's the innovation of Apple know, make Retina Display on MacBooks, do Iphone larger and Ipod smaller. Innovation 0
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