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Analyst: T-Mobile Could Get the iPhone Next Week

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Luz - 2 years ago
To late for me, I just switched to AT&T after 10 years with T-mobile just because of the iPhone. Not fair.
Bro - 2 years ago
AT&T has better service In my area so extra money is worth it.
Lupon - 2 years ago
Hello I can add something on you comment I was in verizon I was using 4s good signal but I wasted too much money... look what I did I sold my 4s with the money I paid my termination fee... now im in 4g that really unlimited lost mouth I used almost 18Gb on my note II if the iPhone arrive to T-Mobile LOL welcome also my bill now its 79 with the value plan I have unlimited data 4g, call and text :-) and verizon I was on 127 :-) so im happy now with T-Mobile
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