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iFixit Tears Down the New 21.5-Inch iMac [Images]

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Zuber - 2 years ago
Now tht the IMac is available and opened. Samsung go ahead n copy it now.
Virnetx - 2 years ago
Your a fucking idiot.
iFanboy - 2 years ago
I think if Zuber was being sarcastic....you'd be the idiot then mate
Virnetx - 2 years ago
You're a fucking idiot to reply about a dumb idiot...idiot.
iFanboy - 2 years ago
Haha...and who responded to his comment in the first place. I was "just saying", but it looks like from your language and response that you don't have the capacity to understand that... So hit me back with the same bullshit response.. It's what I expect from you dim wit.
Virnetx - 2 years ago
Aren't we an educated dickhead. You need to bend down,suck yourself off and calm down before you exhaust yourself moron.
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