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T-Mobile Will Begin Selling Apple Devices in 2013

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Matt-nyc - 2 years ago
T- mobile suck anyway lol
Audi RS8 - 2 years ago
u r so wrong dude!!! u don't know nothing about frequencies in GSM bands, and LTE frequencies as well, Deutsche Telekom AG T-Mobile USA rules as all over Europe, can't wait to be done with AT&T in 2 months...
Audi RS8 - 2 years ago
again??? USA t-mobile is awesome provider as I had it once since they were VoiceStream later acquired by Germans,,, they have build really nice coverage/towers, etc etc, anyways currently i have an iPhone 5 of course unfortunately with AT&T and I have had all the iPhones, the part that u didn't get is that actually apple hasn't make the iPhone compatible 100% for t-mobile, band frequencies and so t-mobile would have to roll out new band frequencies just for one phone??? no way!!! (btw all current ones bought by AT&T-sucky,,, other ppl call it monopoly specially since they wanted to buy t-mobile!!!) learn more about who is AT&T and who was before, and VoiceStream now Deutsche Telekom t-mobile and GSM, UMTS, HSPA , AWS, LTE band frequencies and phone with multi bands or called also world phone, quad-bands, etc etc and providers what licenses do they have, and don't forget to dig in "spectrum licenses" and how much they cost and who has bought them and stuff, and a ton of crap that u have no idea!!!
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