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T-Mobile Emboldened By Apple Deal, Says 'You Love Your iPhone, But You Hate AT&T'

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Remi - 2 years ago
I'm using unlocked iPhone 4S with straight talk. 45$ a month unlimited. I get "4G" connectivity with over 5MB downloads and 1 MB uploads. You can choose between tmobile or AT
yoeiphone - 2 years ago
what about mms, i have iphone 5, when apply mms settings then lost my internet settings, i haven't mms
iOrange - 2 years ago
Search at google or YouTube for setting mms. I got mine
iOrange - 2 years ago
Internet not unlimited 2GB only if you go over they will turn off your service on straight talk.
Mr.D - 2 years ago
Not true.
no wat - 2 years ago
Straight talk does not have 4G they still use 3g
iOrange - 2 years ago
Depend on the phone if you have Iphone 4 3G, iPhone 4S 4G.
iOrange - 2 years ago
Do you read small description about data plan?
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