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Apple's $100 Million Factory to Create About 100 Jobs?

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Copperhead - 2 years ago
They are spending $100 million for 100 jobs.?? I can spend $2 to $5 million and create a towing company that will give 450 full time jobs.
JustMakeSense - 2 years ago
Then why don't you do that? Instead of just posting about it, actually do it. Or maybe share the idea? Because the math I'm coming up with doesn't allow for that: 450 employees at a very low rate of $10 per hour is $720,000 a month; 100 tow trucks, at say $30,000 is $3,000,000 up front plus taxes - still need to add your name to each truck so we'll call that $15,000. Rent a building at $15 per square foot at 1,500 square feet is $22,500 a month - thus includes a decent size lot to store some towed cars and your fleet. Office equipment we'll call it a total of $10,000 on the low side. Gas is not cheap, but we'll have to get it! So, 100 trucks at 20 gallons each tank and a low price per gallon of $3.25 is $6,400 and $25,760 a month, assuming they only fill once a week (good luck.). Taxes and insurance and fees will probably be about $10,000 a month. (Continued)
JustMakeSense - 2 years ago
Basic utilities around $2,000 a month low ball. Now there's still more: Cell phones $51,900 with taxes, this includes all 100 drivers, 5 dispatchers, and 25 other employees like the president, vp, CEO, etc.
JustMakeSense - 2 years ago
Now let's break down the money you'll make: let's say you charge $130 just to tow a vehicle onto your lot and the person picks it up the same day, and you do maybe 5 a day: that's only $19,500 a month... But, maybe some people don't and wait a day or two at $50 a day for 10 people: that's $2,300 a month on those. Add that to the other total and you get $21,800 a month.... I'm not sure where you think you can just up and start a business employing 450 employees with only a startup of $5 million max, while continuing to stay profitable - but your business plan is extremely flawed sir. Shit ideas like this cost people their life savings and more. Don't try fooling the world that your a genius, you may get some people who believe you, but there's always people like me to burst your pretty bubble. Idiot.
Wiseman - 2 years ago
Thanks justmakesence, Copperhead is an idiot and talk shit over his beer belly
Rick - 2 years ago
What a loser... and he thinks that he is making sense....
Applehater - 2 years ago
Look at you resorting to attacking people and calling them names, you are a real hypocritical child aren't you
JustMakeSense - 2 years ago
Lol haha... Yeah.. Annnnnywho, go on back to the kids table kthx
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