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Analyst Predicts iPhone 5S in June With Super HD Camera, NFC, 128GB, 6-8 Colors

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Ali - 2 years ago
this company is shit , super hd screen super camera then they might add " bluetooth file obex" wtf ? these things should be added already in iphone 5 , why not iphone 5 already have 10 mp camera with HD ? instead they gave customers crappy pinky 8 mp camera . why not they give customers what they want ? take a look at meizu or xoom or what ever , its a chinese company putting all the best hardware in their phones and they are sold out million phone in 2 hours or something like that , anyway i'm in mobile business for 10 years now and i can see apple policy is shit , but they are following nokia steps in their way of business , and they will dominate for some long time as nokia did .
kamatits - 1 year ago
You're shit, how about being so efficient on memory and not act like ljmpia crap? It's like begging for something they work without. It's called alternate ways, not forcing every bit in a fcking phone, what about lowligjt, color and sharpness of the picture?
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