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Analyst Predicts iPhone 5S in June With Super HD Camera, NFC, 128GB, 6-8 Colors

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noway pricy - 2 years ago
When iPhone 1. Came it was innovation something new and latest on market but after that they got greedy and did not follow their own path. With very little updates on hardwere base and few tweak and new future on old iOS dose not count as innovation more like putting mackup on old lady to make it more beautiful.. Its time they should follow their innovation path and include latest hardwere and software combine innovation and change world or be greedy and fall on ass and let android fuck u all over! Because android not just changing way smartphone to be more smarter but more powerful too! Take it as hardware they have proxeaaore that we had in PC 5 yr ago ram and not just that software is improving lot! Google now! Saves lot of time reply text email and comment from just notifications saves time! Rather then opening app and replay. Multi task is key that apple still not good at on their phone unless jailbrokem.
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