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Samsung's Chief Strategy Officer Uses Mac, iPhone, iPad

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Curtix - 2 years ago
This is a great sign that Samsung is headed in the right direction. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Samsung phones. In almost every way, they are superior to Apple's. Looking at design and specs alone, Samsung makes the better device. Everything that is wrong with Samsung phones is exaclty what is wrong with every phone that isn't an iPhone. Its operating system. Many people do not appreciate the confined nature of iOS. Myself included. Unfortunately, there just isn't anything better out there right now. Anldroid is okay at best. Its really just a jumbled mess of features seamingly going in every direction at once. I use an iPhone myself but I use a PC for everything I do that really matters. Including writing this comment. The secont a mobile OS comes along that gives me the freedom of Android with the environment and ease of use of iOS, I will switch. What Sammsung should be doing is pouring all their money into OS development and developing their own ecosystem like Apple or Google.
Well... - 2 years ago
When you are inspired by something, someone you are obviously a step (or more) behind. Samsung is a GREAT company which has accomplished an incredible growth within a few decades but they are followers... this situation can change but overpass the IOS ergonomic and look n' feel will be a piece of a challenge. And IOS will probably merge with OSX in the future when MacBook Pro and iMac will be, by then, screen multitouchable. Good luck to Samsung, I like their chips and screens... but when they are assembled in an Apple device! :))) Power and performance is nothing without a strong ergonomic approach.
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