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Apple Cuts Q1 iPhone Orders By 10 Million Units?

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Copperhead - 2 years ago
This is where it starts people. Apple really needs to rethink its over priced gadgets and really need to lower prices to what the average blue collar can current afford to pay. For the 32-gig iPhone 5 unlocked, should be $299.99 without contract. It would be very affordable and they would outsell any company in matter of seconds and Apple will still make a huge profit and millions of people would be happy with pricing and the gadget itself making the world a much happier place... Just saying. Apple needs to rethink before their stocks drops so far that all investors would cash in and run.
Jan - 2 years ago
Dork iPhone 5S coming.
Darryn - 2 years ago
What you seem to misunderstand is that they cut the orders. Because the phones coming out of the factory are not up to standard. They're not good enough, in Apple's eyes, to sell to people. This is not due to any other external factors. You need to read the article again.
Jan - 2 years ago
I think you should re-read it yourself it says overbuild assembly execution problem... So it's parts issue.
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