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Trial Production of Thinner Retina Display iPad Mini Underway, March Release?

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Leggoman - 2 years ago
Who really cares? I hope no one buys it.
NoGoodNick - 2 years ago
Are you insane? Have you ever looked at the Apple sales figures? True, Android is catching up on total sales (mostly because of Samsung), but even then, the profit on those--even WITH free software is terrible. People LIKE Apple, despite how many time you and the other paid shills continue to denouce it. I'm glad that Apple has competition, but Apple is STILL the industry leader, and it's likely to continue, even as that lead is slowly whittled away. However, I'm worried that this two release / year schedule will result in a crappy improvement schedule, like in the iPad mini. It NEVER should have been released until it was finished. Releasing it without a retina display was a mistake that Steve Jobs would never have allowed, and I'm afraid they'll continue to allow more 'partial' releases through thinking they'll 'fix' everything the next time around.
Jedediah Johnson - 2 years ago
Even though it is out selling the 4th gen iPad, I think they didn't put a retina display in the mini because they thought people would buy that, at a lower price, instead of the regular iPad.
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