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Microsoft Applauds Ingenuity of Windows RT Jailbreak

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odedo1 - 2 years ago
Pod2G already got his iPhone 5 iOS 6.0.2 jailbroken but he said that he won't release the jailbreak till after 6.1 is out so Apple won't block it, so there is no ETA yet but it will take a month or 2 for 6.1 to be out, I'm guessing it's a good and bad news all together.
nekton - 2 years ago
You might not have said that explicitly on Reddit but most readers will have inferred it from what you did say—care to elucidate a little more here on when a jb release might be expected? And kudos BTW for the exploits.
nekton - 2 years ago
Garghh—planetbeing said something like it not pod2G. Apologies pod2G.
Husham - 2 years ago
Hi pod2g. I think the confusion is from such news sites. http://jailbreakarena.net/untethered-jailbreak-ios-6-soon-by-pod2g/
James - 2 years ago
are you the real pod2g?
AppleBoringNow - 2 years ago
Jailbreak RIP!! Installous shut down
orgteen - 2 years ago
Sorry, you'r not Pod2G.
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