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Apple Offers Refurbished 13-Inch Retina Display MacBook at 15% Discount

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Spanky - 2 years ago
15% is not enough for e refurbished peace of equipment !!!
Spacemonkey - 2 years ago
I dunno about that. If you try to buy one of these secondhand the prices are just about the same. And buying refurbished from apple means it will have a guarantee. Still, apple is way too overpriced.
Roy Strang - 2 years ago
Let the market set the value not Apple's MSRP or the XAU (AU Ag index), Amazon can sell plenty and profit as does WALMART!
Nope - 2 years ago
Ha ha haaaa But when Hou buy it refurbished from apple You must know that probably it was with parts from liquid spilled one!!! When You buy it second hand You buy one with new parts inside!! (Most probably)
wiseman - 2 years ago
Peace of Equipment? Why you are here? Is piece dumb ass
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