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Apple's iPhone Has Still Greatly Outsold Samsung Galaxy Smartphones [Chart]

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Anand - 2 years ago
Forget 2 years back I would like to see last 1 year data I am sure Samsung would have beaten the ip. 2 years iphone share was much larger but last 1 year no way they would lead. I love the ip so do my friends but a lot of them have shifted to s3 or note 2 for they were not excited on ip5. Surprisingly most think apple will loose in phone market
Abhishek Shroff - 2 years ago
well...if you look at just the iphone 5 and all the samsung phones but together, the iPhone still wins!!!!
Abhishek Shroff - 2 years ago
Oh, and btw, I do have a few friends who decided to try android and samsung since they were getting bored with apple!!! they didnt last more than 6 months!!! all of them are back to using good old reliable apple! :)
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