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Number of Devices Running Cydia in Past Two Months [Chart]

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billy Bob - 2 years ago
Get over to android .. you dont have any of these problems you will have a superior OS, My new S3 is far better than an iPhone .. you fanboys just have to give them a try .. iPhone without jailbreak will destroy arrogant apple
Petr - 2 years ago
Can I use Russian GUI on any SGS3 sold in the USA. No!!! I have to buy international version with no LTE. I better keep my iphone. Sorry
pitt_bunker - 2 years ago
I agree with you..., also, there are no more stable OS than iOS out there on the smartphone market, android is a complete glitch out the box.Beside iPhone 4s I also have new S3 and I know very well what that is. After iOS 6 jailbreak will come out, iPhone 5 will be added to this chart and it will be a way higher than iphone 4, period.
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