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Number of Devices Running Cydia in Past Two Months [Chart]

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fackyo - 2 years ago
Thats what happens when you dont have a Jailbreak. Not only Cydia is loosing money big time. Also Apple is loosing many users to SamsungS3. We used to have a jailbreak when Geohot was around to every update. He does it over night. Smart guy!.Those days are gone. Many people have not bought an iPhone 5 because there is no jailbreak yet. The same with Apple TV you get one for as low as $85 .On the other hand APPLETV2 goes over $300 I wouldnt trade my TV2 for 10 Apple3's. An Iphone4S on ebay $500 I dont know why Apple what is their deal? It adds more value to their products..People will buy more Devices if there is a jailbreak
Jeff - 2 years ago
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. you very funny man! ave they discovered that you escaped yet?
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