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Apple Pulls 500px Apps Over Nude Photos

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kamatis - 1 year ago
I wonder how long apple can keep up with this. It's not a Playboy app.I guess they got tired of cleaning dried semen on iPhones being sent in for a non-working home button.
Bugerbuster - 1 year ago
Lol, you chnaged your name from NoGoodNick to the newer one after you got harrased by those impersonators, good thinking, but you cannot hide forever, get out of the fantsay you dreamin of ...
kamatis - 1 year ago
wtf r u tallking about?
NoGoodNick - 1 year ago
Hey, "her" use of the NoGoodNick name were impersonations as well, as I've got NO relationship to the anti-Apple BS being posted under my name. The problem is with iClarified. They ask for valid emails before allowing postings, but allow you to claim to be anyone you like. It's THAT policy that need to be changed, as it's being misused to spread useless junk posts that run counter to the site's pricipals.
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