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iWatch Concept Features 2.5-Inch Curved Display [Images]

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Ecko - 2 years ago
What was that space stuff u was talking bout
kevinmaccloud - 2 years ago
Quantum technology? It's the next computing generation (current is transistor). Just for example: With this, a file can observe several "states" at the same time: Two files may have the same name in the same folder. They could be in "read only" or not, or both states at the same time. bits will be replaced by qubits (Quantum bits) but that's just low-level crap. As you may know, data is stored in binary form meaning that what makes something look blue on your screen is merely 0 green 0 red 1 blue. A single qubit can represent a 1, a 0, or any quantum superposition of the said two states. The real aim here is that Quantum computers will able to process information way faster. It's still in infancy and government will first enjoy the benefit of it. Another bad point is the physical design of it as in theory, it'll take lots of space but instead of providing each individual with a quantum device, what not provide everyone with an access (QuInternet) to quantum based servers online ? That's what's been in my head for long time now and i'm just 24 At least, that'll make a good sci-fi book... I think i'll copyright that
kevinmaccloud - 2 years ago
Other simple exemple: With the current binary system: if you flip a coin, it's either tails, either head. With Quantum, it can be tails or head or BOTH! this is to mean that in the way a computer solves a problem, it can "suppose" its answer to be false. A transistor based computer will calculate an answer and then test it with other calculations if it's exact or not. So from that on, imagine the Articifial intelligence progress! as in the field of hospitals or teaching... or science: all the paradoxes and impossibilities: it'll still be impossible to divide by 0 but it'll give new angle at it..
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