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Samsung Pulls Way Ahead of Apple in Smartphone Shipments [Chart]

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FanBoy - 2 years ago
You all apple fanboys get a life and stop defending Apple... Apple are selling fear fewer iPhone then what they sold this time last year. iPhone 5 - over 30% sold have some kind of defects like scratched bezel! I was one of the them who bought a brand new ip5 with scratched beze from Apple. Apple replaced it but with another ip5 with a scratched bezel! So now got a refund. Getting a Samsung S3. Since Mr Jobs passed the Apple phones are not as well built. That man was a perfectionist. And this is why people are buying other phones and also the reason Apple shares are down from over $700 to just over $400! P.s the quality of a Beetle is better then a Ferrari. Beetles engines don't blow up when your driving them
ShitBuster - 2 years ago
then in return, I presume you are a samsung fan boy? I don't know if you're in a complete neutral state or not, If I were in that mindsets of being in a state, I wouldn't call those people a fanboy just because their using Apple product. Besides, I have noticed that some of those people, who use Samsung product, highly tend to bashing Apple users with their wired concepts of social status with their Samsung phone, which I cracks me up, but whole lot more annoying than that gay guy's voice in the pistachio advertisement... I'm not bashing you just because you being Samsung user, but I have to knock you down just because you became irrational about what other people use. Samsung users use phone what they like, Apple users use the phone what they like, but I don't see it is necessary for us to play which phone is better. Be modest, and nice to the others just because you use Apple product or Samsung product that doesn't not make yourself far better than anyone else. When we die, we all look like crap and that's who we are.
Fanboy - 2 years ago
Did you read the whole artical, I thinking you didn't? I was writing to give one example in why apple are makeing less orders the the suppliers, and "fanboys" defending Apple to the end. Just as I was going to buy a apple iPhone 5 doent make me a apple fanboy Or samsung fanboy! I also gave a reason why I think apple are going wrong....
iPad guy - 2 years ago
Wow thats so right man cuz I don't care about this gay phone war n $ in it for me!
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