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Samsung Pulls Way Ahead of Apple in Smartphone Shipments [Chart]

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Sean - 2 years ago
Well duh. Walmarts line of phones and metro pcs and cricket are carrying galaxy's now. So yes they will edge out apple.
Fanboy - 2 years ago
That's the point!! Don't matter how they sell the phone. They are selling more phones the apple! Apple was good while they "just worked"! Well they still do but build quality is not what they did few years ago..
City023 - 2 years ago
Whose sells Galaxy and at what price isn't the deal here. Wake up! The point is that more people bought Galaxy than iphone. You get that? Walmart is selling iPhone 5 for $129 w/ 2 yr contract. Some selling galaxy for free. So that's why Galaxy is winning, their giving it away. iPhone4-Life✌
Ken - 2 years ago
It's a little misleading to just say smartphone shipment this, smartphone shipment that, and think that Samsung sold near 200 million Galaxy S3 or Note 2. Only S3 and Note 2 are comparable to the iphone, and thats no where near in volume sold. I've been to Vietnam and they have the galaxy Y, Galaxy Duos, and all these other galaxies that cost 100USD, no contract, no commitment smartphone. Therefore, a poor country like Vietnam alone can already contribute 30 million smartphones to samsung's report. Imagine with China, millions of those 100USD galaxies can be sold in days. Not really any scary fact.
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