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iPhone 5S to Get Better Camera and Flash, New iPad Mini to Get Retina Display?

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Rskirky - 2 years ago
big apple fan here but must say starting to drift away with Samsung producing a good product I think apple need a new phone to blow everyone away instead of minor adjustments with cameras and screens etc. come on apple pull your finger out you are losing customers!!!!!!!!
iPad guy - 2 years ago
Stay on this site n bitch at apple knowing it won't change anything good job assface u really did something here... U know what just buy a android so u can't be happy n stop thinking apple will get better cuz its not going to happen....
Nitro Junkie - 2 years ago
iPad guy are you retarded? Why are you repeating the same thing in every reply you post. Get a fucking life. Go get laid or something.
iPad guy - 2 years ago
Ill be here till I don't see any bitching about shit u can't change... Oh lol n it's funny u say pussy... Cuz I didn't know fat geeks know what that is lol
Chris - 2 years ago
iPad guy likes to take his iPhone and massage his anus while watching home made porn videos of his parents in the early 80's.
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