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Pod2g Confirms an Untethered Jailbreak is Ready, Credits Planetbeing and Pimskeks

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Jack - 2 years ago
I don't get why people don't see the big picture.. Apple sales and stocks are going down.. Hmmm let's release jailbrake so people will talk about it and people who didn't but the iPhone 5 will HO buy it.. Watch the stocks and apple sales will jump up cause of the jailbrake..
Dabears - 2 years ago
That would be interesting. I hope you are right.
Jack black - 2 years ago
I will buy iPhone 5 only after I can jailbreak it so be it... It is best as long as its jail broken
sugar - 2 years ago
Sounds far fetched as crap but thoughtful none the less.
Jack - 2 years ago
Watch the stock jump as soon ass jailbrake is out
me - 2 years ago
You better get one as soon as possible,before they are all gone. I already bought 2 Iphone5 32gig. I have been holding off,using my 4S jailbroken 5.1.1. I have already sold the 4S 32 jailbroken officially unlocked by at&t. Sold for $450. I love Apple products,,they have better resale than Hondas.lol!! Can't wait !
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