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Apple TV 2 Will Be Supported By Upcoming Jailbreak

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NoGoodNick - 2 years ago
iTV 3 JB is NOT coming, but conversely, who wants to pay extra for the iTV 2 when it doesn't support HD TV? While it's nice getting a few extra channels, I'd rather have fewer channels that are worth watching than a bunch that look like a 1970s TV screen. (P.S. there's no jb for the iTV 3 because there are ONLY 3 jailbreakers, and with the low volume of iTVs sold, it doesn't make sense to dedicate the time to jailbreak them).
Dwait - 2 years ago
You have no clue what your talking about...idiot.
AL - 2 years ago
seriously.. no idea what you're talking about
Orange - 2 years ago
ATV 2 is HD you know, 720p is still HD. Far from "a 1970s TV". If they could JB ATV 3 they would. its not a case of not bothering because of low sales. In fact Apple sold 2.8 million ATVs in 2011, 5.3 million ATVs in 2012 plus another 2 million in 2013 so far. So they've most likely sold more 3s then 2s by now.
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