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Leaked Photo of the Upcoming iPad 5's Back Plate?

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Kingsford - 2 years ago
This really isn't surprising. It's almost February and they have a new design for the iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod's... Would only expect a new iPad.
BrawlBro1 - 2 years ago
Not a new design. This design is the same as the iPod touch 5th generation design.
Kingsford - 2 years ago
It is a new design because the iPad now isn't like that. It's not the same size as the iPod Touch or iPad Mini.
BrawlBro1 - 2 years ago
No shit the size isn't the same, but the size does not matter. If the design has been done already then it's an old design. The iPad 5 is basically getting the 5G design. Some innovation from Apple. They're doing the same shit like they did with the 4s and 5.
BrawlBro1 - 2 years ago
*and iPad mini
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