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Leaked Photo of the Upcoming iPad 5's Back Plate?

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DiRNiS - 2 years ago
So what will the difference be between the iPad 5 and the iPad 4 other than the back plate?
Nitro Junkie - 2 years ago
Probably a new processor, camera, and since it's going to be thinner it will probably have a IGZO display. which is said to have a better picture quality and lower power consumption. So it won't get as hot as the current iPads.
odedo1 - 2 years ago
one thing for sure it got to be major difference, i think it will look like the mini but big and probably much more powerful and 128GB also 12 MG camera and a high definition camera in the front to.
jon1992 - 2 years ago
you talk like a samsung
odedo1 - 2 years ago
who me? hope i do, I'm totally an Apple addict and want Apple to stop waisting time with Samsung and start doing what they do best like inventing new stuff because last year was a waisted year letting the competition catch up!!!
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