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Leaked Photo of the Upcoming iPad 5's Back Plate?

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odedo1 - 2 years ago
I'm so happy that by the time my iPhone 5 arrived in the mail i heard so many bad stuff about it that i did the hardest thing ever, never opened it and sold it for almost double the price. i have no idea how you guys handled an un jailbroken boring Apple device for half its life time, no wonder that Apple lost so many customers to samsung, now that there is a new jail breaking team i'll buy the next iPhone and iPad as soon as they come out! i really feel for you guys and hope the jailbreak will be released soon! Myself i still don't know if i should upgrade my 5.1.1 iphone 4S and ipad 3 because i don't see anything spacial enough to upgrade to 6.1 and Apple probably will come out with 6.1.1 to block the jailbreak and then restoring back to 6.1.0 will be a problem because apple made things really hard on ios 6, right now every time i have a problem because of installing hacks that dont behave good together redsn0w let 5.1.1 restore back but not if u upgraded to ios 6, so i got to have a chat with Pod2G ask him if its worth upgrading also most hacks dont work on ios 6 ( yet anyway) problems problems problems ( lol ) here is another problem sinse installuos went out of buisness there is no Appsync for iOS 6 and i got hundreds of cracked Apps on itunes. what to do???????? Well still got some time till the jailbreak be out, time to think about it........
Lol - 2 years ago
No one cares about your situation.
odedo1 - 2 years ago
i do, and i also care about your situation because it effects all of us. FOOL !
Buster Cherry - 2 years ago
If your phone is "so boring" without a jailbreak, get a life. Anyone who relies on a phone for entertainment and thinks the "stock" os is too boring, maybe get out of your moms basement and find a real girl/boy to give you some real entertainment. Also, your jailbreak rant has nothing to do with the subject.
angel - 2 years ago
thats one o many reason. why apple and others , don;t make jailbreak easy. people like you .pirating apps. use the tweaks but don't download crack apps. its not worth it . .99 cts. whats .99 cts. i support jailbreak. but not piracy.
odedo1 - 2 years ago
yes some of us had to rely on cracked App because at our country there was no App store infect on my first iPhone there was no App store even in the U.S we needed to find Apps by googling for iPhone Apps, then we got an App store also in our country but had very few Apps only when the iPad came out the App Store here got as good as the one in the U.S and i have no problem paying $.99 for an App but at first the Apps for the iPad where more like $10, today they are about $6 and that still not the problem but before you buy an App you would like to try it first or you can end up spending thousands also i don't mind paying for an App what i do mind is the in App purchases like I'm sure all you guys know the car racing App called Most Wanted any way i love it and bought it the day it came out now if u want to be able to buy all the cars you pay $25 to get $8,000,000 game money so yes i do use IAPFree not because i cant pay but because i think that it ain't right the in App purchases because it makes the games unfair for people who cant pay and will always be left behind! Also installuos maybe is out but there are already 3 new once to take its place also there is a way to make installuos work again and besid there is also a leagle way of getting free Apps and if you guys jailbroken before and say you never used installous then ill call you liars one last thing when installuos was invented they had no Apps so at first we had to buy Apps and crack them with an App from hackulo and only then you got installous to use and i myself cracked at least 50 Apps for installous. you guys are just pissed because for 6 month you didnt get a jailbreak, the one good thing in my country is that you get a free phone of your choice once a year from the cell provider, same with a none WiFi ipads and there are no locked iphones here we got 9 cell providers and they all got iphones and ipads the compatiton is killing them and thats why they give free stuff just so you stay because the goverment made no contracts law so the prices are a joke, shit you fools pissed me off like you are all angels that you made me mumble for nothing.
Nitro Junkie - 2 years ago
That was probably the biggest run-on sentence I've ever seen. If you'd use punctuation maybe people would understand what you're trying to say.
odedo1 - 2 years ago
what I'm trying to say is that people that did jail brake before are liars if they say they never used installous, also for those fools that think they know everything but haven't been around as long as they think that Apple under Steve Jobs where ok with installous, they could have shut hackulo down a long time ago using the curt system or Cydia but they actually did a research and found that because there are only 1 device out of 8 that is being jailbroken the people that download cracked Apps show the Apps to people that wont jailbreak and the cause is that more Apps are being sold that way then if those people without jailbreak wouldn't have seen the Apps at all.
odedo1 - 2 years ago
sorry about the punctuation, i get mad when people blame me for things that they also do but pretend that they don't, and when I'm mad i type really fast figuring you'll understand even if i make mistakes.
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