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Apple Officially Announces New 128GB iPad 4

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CuntDestroyer - 2 years ago
100 more dollars to upgrade from 64 GB to 128 GB is reasonable but why should we pay 100 dollars if we want to upgrade from 16 GB to 32 GB ?That really doesn't make sense.
Rantanplan - 2 years ago
It does make sense for Apple! (not necessarily for the buyer). It's easy the entry model is cheap, but not fully useable with 16 GB, so the next higher capacity will be the most interesting for many people, hence Apple makes this variant the relative most expansive one. That's Genius!
DavidG - 2 years ago
I agree with this statement. They should keep the same quality and make everything $100 cheaper. I'm sure this will make sales boost even more and it will not hurt apple. I love their products but they're overpriced. Drop everything $100 without compromising quality.
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