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Planetbeing Details How the Evasi0n Jailbreak Works

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thevmax - 2 years ago
If you read about how they did the jailbreak. it truly is Genius work! Thank You Evad3rs!
Jeff - 2 years ago
No genius involved. Just a lot of work. Anybody could do this jailbreak, but most are not sufficiently motivated. Most are satisified with simply using someone else's work, which is cool. Until, of course, one can no longer find such motivated hackers.
Easy to say after it has been done... - 2 years ago
Anybody can do a such hack ? Have you smoked buzz or what ? I agree that the hack is not that difficult for a unix / cocoa touch developer once you have seen the trick! Without knowing where to start from, you will have to read tons of articles and routines/code and learn from personal hacking experiences which takes years! @planetbeing has ported Linux to iPhone and done tons of others amazing hacks and he possesses a massive knowledge and skills that you seem not to well capture. On this planet, a few people have his knowledges, will and programming skills, I'm myself a humble developer who understand a bit what he has achieved with his mates... And IT'S BIG!
PghMike4 - 2 years ago
Ha -- yes, once the set of exploits used is described, someone who's pretty naive might think it is straightforward to come up with something like this, but believe me, its still a *lot* of work to get right, and to make robust. On top of that, coming up with that large a set of exploits is pretty amazing -- you really need some pretty decent intuition about how OSes work to find that many bugs that quickly. I've been programming since 1972, and I'm very impressed.
PeterH - 2 years ago
The problem with brilliant people is they do amazing things look so easy that others think it is easy to do. To further explain the complexities of the task of jailbreaking is that they have no source code to ios to review and look for exploits. They reverse engineered the ios kernel binary to at most assembler and then went through the hundreds of thousands of lines of asm output to find a usable exploit. They also needed to know how to use the exploit in a way that enabled them to patch the kernel while the system is running. This is computer art at its finest even if the weather app didn't work properly afterwards. Even the Mona Lisa has a crooked smile.
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