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Planetbeing Details How the Evasi0n Jailbreak Works

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sam - 2 years ago
had to unjailbreak my iphone 5 today was working fine then all of a sudden got no service sign in left corner of phone and could not make any calls or text, putback to factory settings and works fine again so i think it was definitely the jailbreak that caused it.
Dre - 2 years ago
Nice try apple genius...
sam - 2 years ago
no seriously i just wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem? i am nothing to do with apple! it is my first idevice i had always been on android with samsung galaxy s3 and when i changed was shocked tohow restricted and bog standard ios was, so when the jailbreak came out i felt back in my element! then the no service thing happened!
Blackapino - 2 years ago
No problems here, i've Never had issues like that i think it's Just your Phone, cause i've been jailbreaking since the iPhone3G.
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