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Planetbeing Details How the Evasi0n Jailbreak Works

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yoyo - 2 years ago
PREPARE FOR iOS 6.1.1 with lots of bullshit improvements by crAPPLE
sam - 2 years ago
i dont understand?? if apple are so crap why buy their products? when they are jailbroken yes, they are good but not great.. isnt that a sign to move to android! a country mile ahead of ios! when i bought the iphone 5 from having the galaxy s3 i felt like i went back 5 or 6 years!!
Blackapino - 2 years ago
And when I bought my First Android I was confused as to Why you needed a firewall or Spyware for a Cellphone, then I found the reason why, but i still had my iPhone of course & since iOS is The Top Dog (Don't Gotta Like it) but it's true, i sold my Android device so now i'll never buy a Android device ever again. I'd take a BB again b4 i buy another Android OS.
Joe - 2 years ago
Yeah right and you felt that Androids stability and solid designed hardwares? Let alone the bullshittt that comes along with blot wares, Needs for appkiller, non intuitive tools and finally how easily you can lose your data when that sh*t crashes..I returned my GS3 after 2 weeks.
JoshvanHulst - 2 years ago
Apple's developers are dumb for constantly patching the exploits found! Makes me so irritated how hard it gets to find an exploit to inject the code
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