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Home Depot to Drop BlackBerry for iPhone

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NativeCanadian - 2 years ago
I love how easily we regular everyday users can jailbreak and tweak our phones... It is probably that ease of jail-breaking - and the iPhones interconnectivity with the cloud sync and airplay - is probably the reason I didn't try a BlackBerry on launch day (still might try it out though) ... but what I can never figure out is why a business would use iPhones where security is needed. You know that there will jail-broken iPhones out there in the business environment with default passwords, etc... I love our iPhones, and they are more fun and certainly carry a cool factor, but from a business perspective, security seems more important.. Hey, Maybe Home Depot is going for a "Cool" image.. we can expect to see commercials with HD employees with iPhones Soon!?
Bjarni F. - 2 years ago
Why should the employes of this company jailbreak their phone? It is a really safe phone while it is not jailbroken.
NativCanadian - 2 years ago
LOL. Did you seriously just say that?
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