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Home Depot to Drop BlackBerry for iPhone

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9thCloud - 2 years ago
All it'll take is one security breach and the decision taken will be shown the wisdom they've put into the choice made. Any buisness that holds security to be paramount in their communicative device will not choose an IPhone. Apple's UI has grown long in the tooth as demonstrated by Blackberrys new OS...there has been many iterations of the IPhone but each much the same as its predecessor - many of the coolest things that make the IPhone truly stand out are only available after a jailbreak. I love Apple for their improvements / advancements to our everday lives but I am saddened at their current lack of vision...there shouldn't have been a IPhone 4S given that the difference between it and the 5 are so minuscule. Anxiously waiting to see what IOS V7 will look like now that Blackberry has planted a beautiful seed.
wiseman - 2 years ago
Well written post its been awhile you are the man
9thCloud - 2 years ago
Thank you "wiseman"
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