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Both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S Outsold the Galaxy S3 Last Quarter [Chart]

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iCrunch - 2 years ago
hahahh...I love it. My girl's got an S III and I've got a Windows Phone HTC 8X sitting here and guess what, even though I tried to like them, they simply pale in comparison. (to the iPhone 5, ...and 4S, for that matter) Now, the jailbroken iPhone 5, with which you can have all the widgets on your home screen and live stock tickers, weather, and whatever tons of tweaks there are available, that iPhone 5 blows all the "live tiles" and widgets on Android in the world so far out of the water, ...gimmick time is over, baby!
Really!!! - 2 years ago
While I agree with you, having the that functionality only works when the iPhone is jailbroken and simply cannot be compared to phones that have that functionality out of the box. Months go by after a release before a JB is available. It's sad, I just wish Apple get its head out of its own a**.
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